Initial list for Bački Monoštor/Monostorszeg*


WEBER Anton, Sv Johann Adam Weber u Katharina Stein

oo 07.02.1809

PERL     Regina, Tv Heinrich Perl u Theresia Hund

PERL    Alois,     Sv  Heinrich Perl u Theresia Hund – ex Monostorszeg

oo 27.01.1818  –   Tz  Zittl Josef u Krumm Peter

PFAIL   Gertrud,Tv Anton Pfail u Katharina Gießinger


Kinder : in Monostorszeg***

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In the Sombor Archives there are  Registers  for the following years and religious groups:

Register of  Births  for Sombor

Catholics 1719 – 1895
Nazarene* 1881 – 1895  (Register of birth, marriage and death )
Jewish 1851 – 1895

Register of  Marriages for Sombor

Catholic 1719 – 1902
Jewish 1851 – 1942


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German merchants and miners started to settle  in the Kingdom of Hungary at the beginning of the 12th century, but this migration was not extensive. The colonization of Germans along the lower Danube area started intensively after the long period of Turkish rule (1552-1718)...