Preparation :

Mix the yeast into 3dl of lukewarm milk. Add 1 tablespoon of sugar, a pinch of salt and a little flour and mix again carefully. Cover the cup, put it on a warm place  and let the yeast work.


Mix 500 gr of flour with two yolks  and add the prepared yeast .Knead the dough /you can also use the dough mixer  /well,  to get a  light, puffy ,soft mass which does not stick to the bowl. Leave the dough aside in a bowl covered with a cotton cloth until it rises (approximately 1 hour).


Take the dough out of the bowl and put it on a kneading board sprinkled with flour.

Form a  “snake” shape sticks  out of the dough, approximately 2 cm in diameter,  by rubbing it between your palms. Use additional flour ,if needed , during the process. Now  put the sticks  into the greased  baking tin . You can put the  sticks  in a  row,  the  rims not touching. Notch the sticks on each  4-5 cm of length , but do not cut through. Now the  baked sticks can be easily broken into pieces when ready. Bake  in a  previously heated oven until golden brown.

Break into pieces and put the pieces into boiling water and cook just for a few  minutes  (must not soak).Strain immediately. Cover with ground poppy- seeds and honey . Mix up carefully .Serve tepid.


This recepi is a contribution of Ms Maria Vanyúr , née Knezy


German merchants and miners started to settle  in the Kingdom of Hungary at the beginning of the 12th century, but this migration was not extensive. The colonization of Germans along the lower Danube area started intensively after the long period of Turkish rule (1552-1718)...