• 3  tablespoons of raisins
  • a pinch of  salt
  • 1 cup   of powdered sugar

    Preparation :

    This is the most popular Vojwodina strudel.

     Mix the yeast into ½ cup of lukewarm milk. Add  ½ tablespoon of sugar and a little flour .Cover the cup , put it on a warm place  and let the yeast work .

    Mix 2 yolks with a tablespoon of sugar in a mixing bowl. Add the softened  butter (leave just a little for the  filling), a little salt, the yeast  and the milk. Gradually add the flour constantly stirring  the mixture. Then knead the dough until it does not stick to the fingers. Add a little more flour if needed. Leave the covered dough aside in a bowl  until it rises.

    While waiting for the dough to rise prepare the filling.

    Put the rest of the butter in a dish, warm it up and add the poppy .Than add ¼ l of milk and stir. Cook  on a medium temperature until the poppy is softened. If more liquid is needed add water. Add sugar  and rum according to the taste.

     Now  put the dough on the kneading board sprinkled with flour  and cut in two peaces. Roll out each peace  (1.5 cm thick) separately. Coat  each peace with the poppy mixture , roll it up and put into a greased  baking tin. Smear the  rolls with

    yolk. Leave the rolls to rise a little more for half an hour and then bake in a previously warmed oven  until  nicely brown. Then take it out, wrap in a clean cloth and let cool down . Roll into  powdered  sugar with added vanilla   and cut.


    German merchants and miners started to settle  in the Kingdom of Hungary at the beginning of the 12th century, but this migration was not extensive. The colonization of Germans along the lower Danube area started intensively after the long period of Turkish rule (1552-1718)...