A Pebble in My Shoe

 by  Katherine Hoeger Flotz

 My Hometown,  A Quiet Village

A Pebble in My Shoe, by Katherine Hoeger Flotz  Publisher : “Pannonia Press” 2004, USA

The train whistles a warning to announce its afternoon arrival in the town of Gakowa, Yugoslavia. I run across the street to welcome the large , black monster  powering towards me. At 8 years  old, I find it exciting  and fun to watch “goings on” of the people  getting off, unloading their baggage and greeting their families. Finally, the train moves on, and all is quiet again.

We live at the edge of town by the train station, on a corner lot. Chestnut trees line  part of the house  and an orchard of cherry trees graces the front of our living and bedrooms. My favorite fruit  are cherries and I cannot wait for them to ripen. During the cherry-picking season, I sneak into the orchard and pick what  I can from the low hanging branches. When a stomach ache follows because of my overindulgence, I suffer the consequences.

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The Long Shadow of Dawning

by Tomislav Ketig

Publisher:  Agency “ MiR”, Novi Sad, 2007.

Baron Weisenbach, the deputy  head of the Court Chamber Administration in the Free Imperial Town of Sombor , curiously ogled the young bearer of  his student days  friend’s letter , and now Royal Counselor, Eugen von Fritz from Colon.

Abraham Kertner’s suit , although carefully brushed, carried on it the signs of multiple carriages, ships and boarding houses on his long  and  arduous  journey from Koblenz to the marshes and plains of the Batsch-Bodrog County.

The area is still rather wild – continued the baron. The villages are scattered to great extent. The soil is underwater and does not give as much as it should.

( Book I , page 62)

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German merchants and miners started to settle  in the Kingdom of Hungary at the beginning of the 12th century, but this migration was not extensive. The colonization of Germans along the lower Danube area started intensively after the long period of Turkish rule (1552-1718)...