Initial list for Bački Monoštor/Monostorszeg*

PERL Franz ,Sv Heinrich Perl u Theresia Hund – ex Monostorszeg

oo 01.02.1825 – Tz Pfeil Anton  u  Held Nikolaus

HELD Katharina, Tv Jakob Held u Susanna Heimburger


Kinder : in Monostorszeg***

Birth :

01.06.1807  Anton Perl, Eltern Michael Perl und Catharina Karbach (birth in Csátalja)

17.03.1812  Elisabetha Perl  ,Eltern Michael Perl und Catharina Karbach

10.09.1814  Maria Perl , Eltern Michael Perl und Catharina Karbach

10.01.1821  Alois  Perl ,  Eltern   Alois     Perl  und  Gertrude  Pfail

05.02.1821  Katharina Perl , Eltern Stephan Perl and Anna Maria Shing

02.04.1825  Anna Maria Perl, Eltern Alois Perl und Gertrude Pfail

03.06.1827  Caspar Perl,  Eltern   Alois  Perl and Gertrude Pfail

Death :

07.11.1821    Maria Perl,  Eltern Michael Perl und Katharina Karbach


*   If you have ancestors from Monostorszeg please suggest adding their data to the List
**  Year/date of birth of the bride
*** Marriage registered in Abthausen/Apatin



German merchants and miners started to settle  in the Kingdom of Hungary at the beginning of the 12th century, but this migration was not extensive. The colonization of Germans along the lower Danube area started intensively after the long period of Turkish rule (1552-1718)...